Friday, 3 January 2014



Yesterday when I cleaned out old folders and boxes of paper, I threw away a lot of stuff that I had hoarded and carted from house to house and managed to reduce and recycle. Now I have one box with writing I edited or critiqued for others, writing I did and some useful information about being a professional writer. The rest is going to the recycle place to be turned into whatever it will be and start a new life. Amongst all that junk were some delightful treasures; story ideas I had forgotten, newspaper clippings of things I had written, stories by my children and bits and pieces of art. I had some drawings for several children's theatre productions and ideas for sets and props. I made props for children's theatre for a number of years and never can look at a thing without thinking how it could become something else on stage. It was such fun finding and sorting and getting more organised for my professional writing career. I found some PB manuscripts I had sent off to publishers once and which were rejected with an apology on account of their lists were closed, plus an invite to resubmit. I need to revise and polish them in the upcoming REVIMO.

here are some snippets of older art.

So onwards and upwards. Time to take the offspring to a birthday BBQ and later on I shall write some more.