Sunday, 12 January 2014

Sunday all day

what threatened to be a hot day started out cool and cloudy. I dropped down to the model railway exhibit and took my photos which I put on yesterdays post as promised. An updated picture of Louis, not quite so baby faced and cute anymore (chuckle) and a wonderful display of a Miniature circus with beautifully crafted antique German toys the exhibitor had motorised so they would work. I wish I had taken hundreds of photos. I helped with the lunch although i had said I would not this year and had my lunch with H. I really enjoyed the miniatures.

So today I drew more kids. I am slowly increasing my skills with shading and expression. I am enjoying watching the development of my own work since November. I display the weekly art then put it away in a folder and start the next weeks gallery. The 52 week challenge is another good focal point to encourage me to keep making art.

The neighbours came home from their holidays and it was lovely to see them. Hopefully their chook wont come for a visit too soon.
The weather by mid afternoon had warmed up considerably from the morning but not the dreaded high 30s as forecast. Maybe elsewhere but not here. I have a soft breeze blowing the curtain and caressing the wind chime in my window.

I started morning writing this morning. Several bloggers and fellow writers had spoken of "The Artist's Way" a book I had but cannot seem to find and in that book is a suggestion to free write each morning, by hand not computer and allow the free flow of thought onto paper. After a week or two go back and examine the pages and see if there are patterns emerging or if the mind has quieted or if ideas are springing out to be plucked and filled out. Stream of consciousness writing is apparently quite powerful for helping creative people tap into their creativity. I will see how it goes.

So today is the official start of 12 x 12, wait no, today is the official start of Revise our manuscripts ReviMo and I need to go to the website and find out what I am doing so I had best get going. Back later...(12 hours later)well it wont start for me until tomorrow Australian time and still today US time so I might as well get a good night sleep and wake early then go do the thing and the other thing. I have had a birthday invitation to see a movie for my birthday and lunch on my birthday so I am thinking I might just have a good birthday week even if it will be the hottest day so far this summer.