Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Killing my social media for a minute

Back in May (Fri 19/05/17) the Moorabool Writers' Craft group launched it's second anthology of stories.Nineteen writers and poets contributed work and I created the cover art.

Life has been busy since then with COMMITMENTS(non story telling stuff) and some writing. I wasn't getting enough story telling down on paper so I killed my super procrastinator - SOCIAL MEDIA! It lasted a week and my output of story was enormous. Unbelievably enormous so I realised that if I could just discipline myself over the social media thing I could have it back.

I just completed the Comics Book Masterclass  and I am buzzing with excitement about combining my art and stories. I was inspired by creating my first ever graphic short story for the Words of Wynham writing competition in which I short listed. My little story is titled "The secret dreams of Mum' and the judge gave me some excellent feedback. The story is good but the art looks like a first draft beside the incredibly brilliant digital art of the other participants. Still my black and white pencil art held its own telling the story. I knew I needed more so I signed up for Julie Ditrich's courses.

Someone pointed me in the direction of the Sticky Institute and suggested I consider Zines. If you think zine is half a magazine you best go look them up like I did. I am doing zines!

Anyway I am glad to be back blogging. Hope you missed me. <3