Thursday, 3 August 2017

Grammar things

Affect vs. Effect & 34 Other Common Confusions (Infographic)

I quite like grammar things especially handy charts. The problem is I either run out of ink too soon or run out of walls to stick them on. I really need a studio. No I don't need a studio but I would like one with great big whiteboards and magnets so I can story board all my stories and not have to pack them up all the time. A studio with a big padlock on the door to keep fiddle fingered curiosity at bay. I could put my red pen in a place and it would still be there when I come back from the domestic duties.

Knowing my luck I would misplace the key and have to get a locksmith in to charge me an arm and a leg to open my great big padlock.

It looks like I shall stay and write and create art right here in my overly cluttered bedroom with two desks and fourteen shelves and a very serviceable floordrobe with my bed tucked in the corner with the teetering piles of partially read books on it.

When I chase the skirts of JKR's financial success *clears throat meaningfully*,  that is to say, when I have achieved a certain level of financial success from my creative endeavours, I shall acquire a dwelling with a suitably large room so I can just sleep in my bedroom and all of this creative stuff can move out. Promise!

Ps thanks to the graphic making clever person for this poster.