Sunday, 30 June 2013

June in Review

Review of June: this month I have been writing and writing profusely except on my novels. I have written and submitted five flash fiction stories toa variety of anthologies and competitions and am about to launch into a full scale campnanowrimo and a chapter book challenge in july. I have written two fairy tales Cindy and Ella, a modern retelling of the step family dynamics 709 words Prince Peter, a tale of belonging and an informative story about actual positions held in a royal household. 913 words Several super hero stories with a female leads for an anthology exploring women in more positive roles. (Art work submitted also) Tilly aka Gypsy Wind word count 1120, Out of the blue 983, Small Heroes need no special powers 984, I have also written a supernatural piece with a female lead inspired by the work of Clive Barker 'Cabal' word count 2277 titled 'They teach their children well' I have written and submitted a childrens picture book outline of 74 words and a mini love story about life in a small town called 'New to town' 2313 words and a school dance disaster story where the girl saves herself from the worst scenario. entitled "the school dance" with a word count of 963. I entered and won a couple of hallmark and other 25 word or less competitions and I have continued to research both my novels and write snippets of ideas for them and research for the 7 day chapter book challenge. Oh and I wrote a short piece and included art work for a Tim Burton style character for a competition. Called 'Claudio' it has a word count of 254 and is more a character overview of a potential longer work. I have also reviewed five distinct and separate writing projects for other writers giving editing suggestions and critiques so I feel that although I didnt reach my 50k target I have had a very productive month and I am keen to complete the romance which the early fans are clamouring for. I spent the afternoon with an intelligent and interesting companion who gave me some very good critiques and I edited and resent my 4am submission. I need to listen and accpet that some critiques are very valuable and improve my work.

Friday, 21 June 2013

9th to the 21st of June and what have I done worth doing in that time. My second novel has shaped into two chapters of just a smidge over 10000 words and I hit a metaphorical brick wall on that. I submitted art work for the anthologies, created and drew a Tim Burton style character, submitted my kindergarten picture book on the theme of 'exploring', read one of my stories to a public speaking group and had some very positive feedback, found several novels I had been wanting to read, read some other peoples work, put the brakes on editing for a short while, wrote a few tiny pieces of prompted prose, and went to work. I had a young girl ask me to read her story begining and I feel very honoured that she would trust me with it. It is good, shows great imagination and style and potential. I wish I had been encouraged at her age. Never mind, it is my time now. I really need to write daily and I am not doing enough of that. I might skip a part of the novel and move on to a later section, that might get me over the hurdle. okay blog I will be back tomorrow. see ya.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Female super heroes

I have sent in my submission and it can be viewd here : I have also completed and scanned (thankyou sons and daughter for your technical assistance) several pieces of art work both of my super hero and pieces for the earlier Fairy Tale anthology. I feel very productive.

Friday, 7 June 2013

To be a writer I must make a commitment to myself.

For most of my life I have enjoyed the art of story telling. I like telling a story in such a way that my audience is caught up in the story. I have been writing stories since I was old enough to hold a crayon but until recently there were always reasons why I could not write. I was too busy, too parenting, too working, too tired, too sad, too angry, too happy, too distracted. I always said I wanted to be a writer and I even studied in courses I never quite completed. I started this Blog in a desultory way and I played at writing. A peom here, a song lyric there, a dozen or so competition entries, a few stories for kids and one novel I sent out then did nothign with after its first two rejections. Three months ago I was still playing at writing as a hobby. Then I MADE A DECISION> I also SET GOALS. I COMMITTED to campnanowrimo. I JOINED professional organisations. I SUBSCRIBED to professional magazines.DECIDE- SET GOALS-COMMIT-NETWORK-SUBSCRIBE-BECOME. The things I have heard and have known for a long time but until I enacted these things nothing happened. Since then I have written over 100000 words. I feel like my brain is alive, I feel joy and excitement. I feel a sese of purpose and achievement. I AM A WRITER... DECIDE- SET GOALS-COMMIT-NETWORK-SUBSCRIBE-BECOME

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

I am 3294 words into my romance novel on day 4 of the 50k challenge. I finished my second draft of my superhero girl and now have an idea for a new one. I am not liking the way this darn blog tool reformats my writing so it is all jumbled and messy instead of in enat lines and paragraphs as I keep fixing it. I will look at alternate settings. I need to write another 2000 words tonight before bed I think.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Yesterday I signed up for the Romance Writers of Australia group and paid my membership and subscription. Today I cant log in but no matter I have started the chapter outline of my Romance 'Goldilocks and Bear'. Yes dear ones I am writing it this month in the Romance Writers 30 day 50k challenge even if I cant log on and sign in to it. I am also outlining my novel 'pearls' chapter by chapter and working on the character sheets. I am also signed up to write a superhero novella(female character), a childrens picture book on the theme adventre and I have signed for a seven non fiction picture books in seven days for July which has awesome publishing prizes. I am now a member of the Fellowship of Australian Writers and several FB closed pages exclusively for writers and I have subscribed to several good quality magazines. My skin is tingling in excitement as I think about the major changes happening for me. I won a 25 word or less competition again. I like the challenge of those. It is a very intense task to make an idea work in so few words, a lot like haiku. Oh there is a request for haiku to go on the Mars explorer. I might give that a go too. All the outpourings of support by the beautiful people in my life is making this a fruitful time filled with opportunities and potential.