Saturday, 1 June 2013

Yesterday I signed up for the Romance Writers of Australia group and paid my membership and subscription. Today I cant log in but no matter I have started the chapter outline of my Romance 'Goldilocks and Bear'. Yes dear ones I am writing it this month in the Romance Writers 30 day 50k challenge even if I cant log on and sign in to it. I am also outlining my novel 'pearls' chapter by chapter and working on the character sheets. I am also signed up to write a superhero novella(female character), a childrens picture book on the theme adventre and I have signed for a seven non fiction picture books in seven days for July which has awesome publishing prizes. I am now a member of the Fellowship of Australian Writers and several FB closed pages exclusively for writers and I have subscribed to several good quality magazines. My skin is tingling in excitement as I think about the major changes happening for me. I won a 25 word or less competition again. I like the challenge of those. It is a very intense task to make an idea work in so few words, a lot like haiku. Oh there is a request for haiku to go on the Mars explorer. I might give that a go too. All the outpourings of support by the beautiful people in my life is making this a fruitful time filled with opportunities and potential.