Sunday, 30 June 2013

June in Review

Review of June: this month I have been writing and writing profusely except on my novels. I have written and submitted five flash fiction stories toa variety of anthologies and competitions and am about to launch into a full scale campnanowrimo and a chapter book challenge in july. I have written two fairy tales Cindy and Ella, a modern retelling of the step family dynamics 709 words Prince Peter, a tale of belonging and an informative story about actual positions held in a royal household. 913 words Several super hero stories with a female leads for an anthology exploring women in more positive roles. (Art work submitted also) Tilly aka Gypsy Wind word count 1120, Out of the blue 983, Small Heroes need no special powers 984, I have also written a supernatural piece with a female lead inspired by the work of Clive Barker 'Cabal' word count 2277 titled 'They teach their children well' I have written and submitted a childrens picture book outline of 74 words and a mini love story about life in a small town called 'New to town' 2313 words and a school dance disaster story where the girl saves herself from the worst scenario. entitled "the school dance" with a word count of 963. I entered and won a couple of hallmark and other 25 word or less competitions and I have continued to research both my novels and write snippets of ideas for them and research for the 7 day chapter book challenge. Oh and I wrote a short piece and included art work for a Tim Burton style character for a competition. Called 'Claudio' it has a word count of 254 and is more a character overview of a potential longer work. I have also reviewed five distinct and separate writing projects for other writers giving editing suggestions and critiques so I feel that although I didnt reach my 50k target I have had a very productive month and I am keen to complete the romance which the early fans are clamouring for. I spent the afternoon with an intelligent and interesting companion who gave me some very good critiques and I edited and resent my 4am submission. I need to listen and accpet that some critiques are very valuable and improve my work.