Friday, 8 May 2015

Camped out in an empty room

On the final part of this moving adventure and here I sit on my little makeshift bed on the dining room floor. I have my laptop perched on the top step of a wooden step ladder, cup of tea beside me on the floor and the echoing of an almost empty room keeping me company. The clock is still on the wall and ticks overloud in comforting rhythm.
I had a call from the big lad last night. He is at the new house and it took two hours to unload our stuff. We have a lot of stuff he groaned and I laughed. Yes we do own a lot of stuff. Many of the bags I stacked tetris style into the truck yesterday were filled with books. Moving house for me is akin to moving a small library.
 I don't think the kids appreciated just how much culling I had done over the past year. I had given away 80% of my craft gear and I threw out all the paper trail of a lifetime of study, which filled a 3metre skip(dumpster) and I gave away a truckload of things to opportunity shops. I sold a large portion of goods at a garage sale(yard sale) and still I am hiring a second truck tomorrow morning to take the last load to the new abode.
I am taking these last few days before handing back the keys to have some alone time. I really needed some alone time to say goodbye to the old place and reflect on the journey of the past decade. I wont be completely alone of course. I had dinner with friends last night, which is lucky because I forgot to eat all day yesterday during the packing and tonight I am eating with another son and his wife and tomorrow I will share a meal with offspring in the new house after we unload and Sunday I am having lunch for mothers' day with a friend, but the rest of the time I will be here by myself cleaning and thinking.
I could dance in my birthday suit if I wanted to.
I am looking forward to a whole new adventure in a new place but this weekend I am dedicating to looking back and letting go.
with love.