Sunday, 2 July 2017


Today I am learning about accessibility for my site.
This may just be my own personal little babble blog but I believe it is important to make it accessible to anyone who might want to visit.
To that end I am going to attempt to make what I share here, comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0

I may not get it right but I will try.

I downloaded a thingy that speaks to me. It is a robotic electronically generated voice that won't shut up and babbles every time I move the cursor. It drives me crazy so if it is supposed to be the program for people with sight challenges it must drive them crazier. I can turn the thing off - they need it to access the ether.

Colour choices are a important
Sound needs to be thought about
Sub text, subtitles, documents, images, other graphics all need to be labelled apropriately

Apparently my blog is almost as difficult as breaking into a Swiss bank account to leave a simple comment and I don't know how to fix it? I have tried several things, I googled the help files, I asked in forums but still it is not working and I do not know what to do? Sorry dear willing to comment but cannot-ers.

I shall keep working on it.
a magpie

'Accessibility benefits everyone'

some links...
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United Nations on Accessibility
Internet Society2012 but still relevant
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