Monday, 31 October 2016

NanoWriMo 2016

Yes I am doing it again.

I will put up a word count widget if I work it out properly and I am aiming for a solid 50k.

This is what the month should look like...

you get the idea. 360,000 people worldwide are attempting to write 50,000 words this month which equates to around 18000000000 words if we all drag ourselves across the finish line.

It is estimated that only Image result for 5%of us will make it to the finish line and only 5% of the winners will go on and edit their 50k and only 5% of those will actually send it off somewhere and of that number, only 5% will gain publication. This sounded intimidating when I first heard it but then I thought, hey I can be a 5% winner.

I wrote a LOT of words in my very first NanoWriMo in 2013 (104,000)and those words turned into two novels with characters I love and adventures twisted and convoluted and both novels have been pitched to editors at conferences and there has been interest shown so...

Apparently we all write total manure during the NanoWriMo month but as all gardeners will tell you, from good manure great things grow.

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