Friday, 21 June 2013

9th to the 21st of June and what have I done worth doing in that time. My second novel has shaped into two chapters of just a smidge over 10000 words and I hit a metaphorical brick wall on that. I submitted art work for the anthologies, created and drew a Tim Burton style character, submitted my kindergarten picture book on the theme of 'exploring', read one of my stories to a public speaking group and had some very positive feedback, found several novels I had been wanting to read, read some other peoples work, put the brakes on editing for a short while, wrote a few tiny pieces of prompted prose, and went to work. I had a young girl ask me to read her story begining and I feel very honoured that she would trust me with it. It is good, shows great imagination and style and potential. I wish I had been encouraged at her age. Never mind, it is my time now. I really need to write daily and I am not doing enough of that. I might skip a part of the novel and move on to a later section, that might get me over the hurdle. okay blog I will be back tomorrow. see ya.