Friday, 10 January 2014

Friday again

In the 52 week challenge I saw an egg by a lovely lady named Felicia who had managed to make her egg look very shiny simply with her shading. I asked her how she did it and she put up another post with examples and links. What a lovely woman. I am really enjoying that people have their children drawing to the prompts and doing it as a family activity and there are both professional and hobby artists and everyone is so friendly and helpful. It is a great space to be artistic in.

I tried the shiny egg a few times but have not yet mastered the technique. I also have trouble with ferns so I am practicing them.

Today I plan to work on a lot of Picture Book story lines. I need three or four ready to revise by Sunday and I also need to do the final edit and tweak on Mirrors this week. I want to send that one out into the big wide world.

Youngest son is ratting around in the pot cupboard getting out the biggest pots from way in the back so I can make leek and potato soup and pumpkin soup in 8 litre amounts. I told my friend Helen I would make some for the Model Railroad exhibitors. I prefer to make huge pots of soup than stand around making salad rolls for lunch that's for sure.

I have been out for lunch with my friend H and we ate at a pub. Food was okay but the soup was way too salty. While I was there I watched the people behind the bar. Two girls, two young lads and one older woman. The girls, both sandy red hair, one maybe late teens one in her early twenties, both interacted with the customers, smiling, chatting and still efficient. The lads did not make eye contact, both looked like they had constipation or would rather be anywhere else and both making mistakes. The older woman had short very black curls, was a substantial lady in the way women who lift heavy things usually are and I had the feeling she was probably the publican. She had that confident no nonsense air about her. The place was busy with regular aged clientele. I say regulars because the man serving in the food area knew their names and carried their food to the table rather than them have to negotiate the tables with their walking frames and scooters. People are fascinating creatures. The food was typical of pub food, plenty and ordinary, nothing to write sonnets about and not particularly cheap either but apart from too salty(which usually denotes heavily processed powdered soup as a base)there was nothing particular to complain of. Why am I writing all of this? Well since you ask it is because I like authenticity in my writing and I decided the girls behind the bar are sisters and that the extra sister is going in my novel. That's why. I have writing to do so I am getting off the computer right now.