Thursday, 16 January 2014

later on the 16th

some more caravans for 52 week challenge

and a magpie for yesterday's story, plus a sunset.

and once again it is hot hot hot so summer has finally arrived and settled heavily on us. The curtains are drawn and the blinds are down, the fans are all running and I am thinking how lovely a solar powered air conditioner would be. I had a cold shower and wrapped myself in a cotton sari(actually it is a bedsheet but don't tell anyone. I made sure there was water under the tree for the birds and parked the car in the little shade available since the trees were cut down. sulk pout.

I am off to review some more of my PB MSs (picture book manuscripts-see I am learning the jargon/shorthand)and doing more of the writing exercises for ReviMo and Start The year off Write. Love this creating.