Sunday, 5 January 2014

summer rain, puddles and desks and starting right

today has been wet, wet, wet. There are puddles evaporating everywhere and now the sun is leaking through the clouds the temperature has risen a little. My picture today is to connect with the joy of jumping in summer puddles.

I am also off to 'start my year off write' in just five or so minutes the first prompt should be up on the FB page. I leapt out of bed at five thirty this morning all eager to start and what should happen but I had to realise I would wait until 3am American time for the first prompt at 8pm Australian eastern seaboard time. So I am off to work to a prompt in just minutes.

21 days and 21 prompts and a wealth of good people to encourage each other to write and write. Off I go. I think I shall upload whatever I do tonight if it is any good.

Prompt one went up and I launched into a stronger opening for my steam punk. 300+ words in a short time and I feel like doing more so I will.