Monday, 20 January 2014

guess what... is the 20th of January and it is also 1.47am so I decided after a hot chocolate and plenty of exercise and a movie with interesting characters and a lot of focussed thought that I would start today's blog nice and early. I have to be up early to take Izzy off to work experience and drop in at C'link and pop into the pet store for fish things for the new addition to the house and I need to do some other things too but can't remember at this hour what they are. I shall do some art and definitely need to warm up the clarinet as it has not have a practice for two days. I did get back to my Spanish lessons and went right back to the beginning. I know about 17 words now. I can't neglect my January drawings for the 52 week challenge so I will do something different today. ReviMo has finished and it was a terrific week of revising, cutting, splicing and rewriting. I managed every day to do some significant changes and I hope I now have some very workable manuscripts. I submitted my echidna to an online critique and I think I should have put a different story in. The audience is predominantly American and the MS rated as a year 8 level reading whereas I believe the words are quite suitable to an Australian PB because they are relevant to Australian kids. I am seeing some PBs from the American contingent that have references I don't understand too which makes it a great learning forum. Cultural exchange is a great thing. My eyes are tired but the rest of me is rebelling a little. I will go to bed again shortly and try for sleep.

It is now 5.52pm and the day has been lovely. I feel asleep after doing some visualisation and focused thought meditation. I slept well and woke feeling pretty good. The daughter was already up and keen for her work experience and I zipped her off to work. I went to C'link to work out where I stood and found out I have a...gulp...debt. dang it all to murgatroyd but nothing that matters. It will all work out. Then I bought myself a present. I feel quite buzzy.
I bought myself some ink pencils and some water colour pencils.

I have also done some more selfies. One as a caricature of me sort of 80s in theme and one of me as something fey. I am thinking in these pictures I can be anything I want to be and I can change the face any way I want. I might go play with the technology and see what I can do to a photo. Could be fun.

The one with the babies is done with ink pencil so I have a before and after water shot to show the effect. i am so going to enjoy playing with them. The fey face is done with derwent colour pencils. Now off to Spanish and Clarinet. Then more writing.