Sunday, 26 January 2014

Australia Day

I missed a blog post yesterday and was feeling somewhat at a low ebb so I didn't write either. Several things did not go according to plan but in the end it worked out that the new and different plans would be worth while. I am hoping to get us all into work routines tomorrow and have told the offspring we are goal setting and timetable planning tomorrow. I am off to bed in half an hour so I thought I would do my blog post and upload today's sketches. My new timetable starts at 6am. Daughter dear is going to aim for her grade 4 sax AMEB and we have put a new one on layby and selling the old one. I did not get to several parties I was invited to and neither did the youngest offspring because we were mislead by the public transport personnel. I have been practicing my language and I am making slow but steady progress and I also have six notes on my clarinet now. Almost an octave. The start the eyar off write challenge has now ended and I am very pleased with the prompts that were given by the guests on the blog and very grateful to Shannon Abercrombie for her wonderful organisational skills. I am also finding my way around the 12 x 12 forum and beginning to make contacts. I uploaded my first illustrations to the critique group albeit nervously.

a cauliflower and a fireflower. Next week the theme in 52 week challenge is flowers (I best check that) and I started off the new sketches a few days ahead.

I watched a video by someone who teaches a particular digital art tool, today. I am making a habit of watching video's by the 'experts' in the field. I put the word 'expert' in '' simply because the videos are unedited and a painful thing to watch in general because the people may have expertise in their drawing or writing skills but seriously lack public speaking skills, video editing skills or even agenda writing or lesson plans and they need to seek assistance in learning to use video conferencing tools and microphone techniques. So far the videos I have watched tend to waffle on and waste at least half the time allocated. I prefer instructional videos on youtube where the people actually know how to put an instructional video together. I am learning a lot about what not to do when making a video.

I am going to try and work out how to use my digital art tools in the next few weeks. The one vital piece of information I gleaned from a one hour video today is that belief that some publishers are asking only for digital art. Best I learn how to do that. I can start with my own drawings but need to know how to manipulate them.

I signed up for a few more writing challenges over the next few months. I need the challenges to keep me moving forward.

I did two hours of cycling today with weights. Not nearly enough water though. Time to rectify that.