Tuesday, 7 January 2014

to pet or not to pet

My friend Gillian bought me the perfect pet. I don't have to feed or water or clean or interact with it in any way. Now a lot of people like having pets. They don't necessarily enjoy all the work that goes with a pet but they certainly enjoy the companionship of a pet. One of my picture book stories is about a child expressing reluctance to own a pet and all the reasons why pets are a problem. I have been the reluctant owner of many pets over the years and tend to focus on the high maintenance issues involved when I take over the neglected creatures welfare. Responsible pet ownership is not something universally practiced amongst pet owners and this makes me very cross. I wish there were some license to own that people had to pass before being allowed to have pets. I also think this about children but we wont go there today.

Here are photos of the original perfect pet made by some lovely crafty person and being sold at markets in the countryside somewhere.

now I need to be doing some actual writing so I had best get on with it. Back later...

The writing prompt today was to take an old photo look into it deeply and decide what the story is. I managed a good 400 words but almost lost myself in the wonderful art gallery that is the internet. I uploaded my daily word tally to 'defiantly literate' which I am doing every day. here is a pencil rendition of the photograph I wrote about.