Friday, 24 January 2014

what is it all for?

I stabbed myself in the thumb trying to pack the dishwasher and it hurts and I threw the cutlery in the sink making an horrendous noise. It has been an odd day. the weather looks like it is going to rain but the temperature stayed warm. Daughter had a melt down because she was so upset her work experience had come to an end. Someone congratulated me on my new job but I don't have one just yet. My rent went up, my income went down. My thumb hurts, did I already mention that?

An odd day. Number one may have a new job which would suit him mightily, number two is making progress on his game, number three was asked to let me know if he is not turning up so I don't sit around twiddling my thumbs waiting, number four came home and seems to be in fine fettle, number five cried and was told off for concentrating on her phone instead of talking to me when we were having lunch together.

The problem with any device that isolates a person from their surrounds is that it isolates the person from their surrounds. There is a picture circulating the internet of people using their phones in restaurants, cinemas, theaters, in the street and even at parties. None of them are interacting with each other and there are various captions about zombie Apocalypse being here already or quoting some scientific historical figure who warned of technology outstripping the human capacity to keep up with it. I think when we introduce a new technology we need to also introduce new social protocols to know how to deal with them. I remember when people were first using walkman's and strutting down the street with giant headphones oblivious to anything but the noise in their heads. The uproar and disgust was no different than that being expressed about mobile phone use or the inability of social website users to understand they are in a public domain even if they sit in their bedrooms.

Must be a low ebb kind of day.