Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Oh what a beautiful morning...oh what a beautiful day...I've got a marvellous feeling...

everything's going my way.

So today I cooked bacon and eggs for the young one and myself and a lovely cup of tea. I took her to her work experience where she is having so much fun she never wants it to end and she became misty eyed and clingy at the thought of only being there for a week.

My dear guests stayed overnight and hubby went fishing early in the morning. I now have several in the freezer, fish not guests. Mumsy and child came out sleepy eyed and had breakfast with me (second breakfast for me, I feel so Hobbit) and we did some drawing. I had given a costume of one of the girls from Frozen(disney/pixar animation)to squidjet(aged 7) and we drew some of the characters and had a wonderful time playing with my new gel pens. I am going to have to work on my shading.
I used a mixture of pencil, fine liner and water colour pens with water to get thsi far but I am going to keep working on shading.

Then we all went to pick up daughter dear for lunch and went to a cafe. Lunch was lovely and we farewelled our guests afterwards and daughter dear headed back to work for the afternoon.

I purchased some fans which are on special just before the next heat wave and silly me forgot to plug one in and wondered why it would not work.

I am finding some excellent videos to help me improve my art skills.

Today I have done no writing so far apart from this blog post. Tomorrow I am having more guests so I am guessing I will need to put a solid piece of writing time into this evening. ReviMo is over now and we are on day 18 of Start the Year off write and both have been enormously beneficial in terms of pushing my writing along. I am very grateful I found these ladies and their blogs.

I uploaded all my selfies to the 52 week challenge. There are some awesome artists in the group and lots of children who can only benefit from the experience. It is so lovely.

I may upload my prompt responses tomorrow.