Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Beginnings

I plan to continue producing art work and so today I have decided to take my son's suggestion "I know it's cliche Mum but why not new beginnings?" New beginnings it is.
So my first picture of the month is a mermaid because I am planning on writing a mermaid story.

My year in review...I don't feel like looking back except to say I made some very good decisions in 2013. Looking forward to 2014 I have made more good decisions.

First is becoming involved in the Start the Year Off Write group which aims to encourage participants to write to 21 prompts over 21 days. Courtesy of the delightful Shannon Abercrombie starting 5th of January

Then I am signing up for the 12X12 picture book challenge of producing 12 picture book drafts in 12 months with some incredible talent from the children's literature world to supply mentorship and support along the way. Julie Hedlund heads an all star cast at

On January 12th Meg Miller will have us all revising our November PiBoIdMo ideas for a week to January 18th

On January 13th I will begin the picture book dummy challenge which falls in with 12 x 12 quite nicely and it runs for six months. and there are a whole host of brilliant people supporting new writers like myself to produce quality professional work.

In February I am considering the Picture Book Marathon

In March I will participate in the chapter book challenge with the delightful Becky Fyfe and the wonderful people who have become my companions in several anthologies during 2013

April will be a toss up between Camp Nano for the second year or 'watch this space'

May will include NaPiBoWriWee with Paula Yoo

June and July are yet to be finalised but there is plenty of work to go on with.

I also intend exercising daily to regain my health. I will be recovering from surgery during January I expect and did I mention I gave up the day job to concentrate on writing? It seems a lot when listed like this but it all meshes together into a cohesive whole. I am very excited and very organised except I need to get the time zones right. Anyone know where I can get a little task bar downloadable international clock?