Saturday, 4 January 2014

Hobbits precious

rant rant rant rant

a book is not a film

a film is not a book

a writer must use words to describe everything from feelings to actions to events and has to balance between too much description and not enough

a camera operator and a film crew can use visuals and sounds not available to a writer to produce the same effects and impact

20 pages of description of a characters outfit translate into 2 minutes of film time

an 8 hour read translates into a one hour film

films are not books and books are not film and the two tell stories in very different ways

a film will never be the same as a book

there are some things a camera cannot translate from the text
there are some things that a camera can do which cannot be done in text

a good director can draw out the true essence of the story in a book to make the film a satisfying rendition of the book, a poor director will ruin it for the book fans but may gain some new fans for the story

when readers realise that the movie version is NEVER going to be an exact duplicate of the book then there will be peace on earth and all good things will come true...

so I tried to do a picture of Tom Hiddleston as Loki, just because I am a bit of a fan, but I could not get his face right so here is his body.

I didn't sleep well last night or the night before and I had to go out of the house this morning WITHOUT a cup of tea to purchase milk and then I missed a conference and it was late before I managed to draw anything so my whole day has been out of kilter and I am out of sorts. I did have a lovely lunch with friends and I am very grateful for the cooler weather here on the south coast of Australia but I need to sleep early tonight I suspect. I shall try the face again later when I have slept.
several hours later I am so excited. A PB idea I was trying to turn into a manuscript has finally loosend out of its chunks and clunks to be a much more smooth flowing smile inducing story. Read it to neff and numbertoo and it seemed to work for them. ReviMo here I come.