Saturday, 18 January 2014

Each day I grow a little more and learn something new

Today was cool, deliciously cool and I drove to Portland. There were huge ships in the harbour.Daughter darling came for the journey and we stopped to photograph those beautiful gates on Dutton way. They haunt me those gates and I think somewhere deep in my mind is a story that those gates will feature in at some time. I have written a few new picture books stories of late and had some feedback on my very Australian story. I don't think the non Australian readers are going to get it. I am being interviewed about my journey into writing and finding that a good venture in really looking at who I am and where I have come from. Answering questions such as 'what inspires...' me and where do my stories come from makes em answer those questions after a careful soul search.
I have been working daily on the start the year of write prompts and finding that the prompts are churning up some interesting material and challenging me to think a bit outside the comfortable ruts into which it is so easy to fall.

I had some odd commentary on my art work that had my hackles rising. I have been rediscovering my art after many years without it and it has become my meditation and a perfect tool for focusing my concentration. often when I am drawing it allows my mind to develop ideas. I have a sketch on my craft pad at the moment which is just grey lines and some words but already a story is drawing up out fo the mists on the paper and the mists don't yet exist except as a word. I wonder why it is that people seem so threatened by my declaration of being a real writer. They question it and scoff just as they did when I was living off my art many years ago. That time I went and found 'real' work and gave up my art but that will not happen again. I have too many stories in my head needing to be told to listen to naysayers ever again. I don't care if I have no money for the basics. If I have to use a candle and hand write then so be it. If I have to walk to the library to connect with my online community then good. If I have to eat rice and pasta for a year well then I eat rice and pasta for a year. I had to make this poster, partly for me and partly for naysayers. Thank goodness my support network is gaining the stronger voice.

I have neglected my clarinet, my Spanish and my exercise these past few days but that must change tomorrow. No more neglect of the things that bring energy and balance.

this is not my drawing and I thank whoever made it. It is a philosophy I like to think I practice and would encourage others to do so too. Okay off to write