Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Today is a good day for organising

Good morning my two beloved dedicated blog followers

Today I woke up with the alarm set for 6am. I exercised, showered, cut my hair, did the coconut oil mouth thing, drew pictures, checked blogs, had breakfast, made my bed and played the clarinet and all before 8.30 am. I did two planks. each for the count of ten and I had my heart pounding more than a 100metre sprint and two flights of stairs. I shall try for two at the count of 12 next. I moved the dining table around and reorganised some books after breakfast oh and I have had 3 x 300ml water so far this morning. I began to take down some of the decorations and spoke with children about school So a very productive morning all around. I am tackling the daughters room with her this afternoon and making sure I can walk down either side of my bed. I spoke with all the offspring about making the house safe for a drugged out post operative pain riddled mummy and they all said they would help me get it sorted.

My drawings over the past 12 hours have been on a number of topics. I joined a drawing group on FB

and I have uploaded my first week egg pic and this morning turned another persons photography into a pice of black and white pencil. I have also done my first picture of children for this weeks theme

my Gallery is unreachable at the moment due to server issues. Posting them here will be fine for the time being though. I had a story accepted yesterday for an anthology but they rejected my art, however the editor did say she liked them, they simply didn't fit the vision of what they were looking for. So here they are.