Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Interviews and paperwork

Today I took dearly darling daughter off to school for her interview. It was a bit of a disappointment. I always hope there will be goal setting and guidance instead it is locker numbers and fee paying. I returned my work keys and the staff ipad and said hello to former staff colleagues. Things have changed over the summer, new doorways, paint and rearranged walls. Plenty of new people and a few older faces. Daughter darling finally gets a top locker. Youngest son has emails from some of his teachers and we set up a notice board and started the timetable talks. There is only so much i can do to help them get set up but ultimately the effort has to come from them to make their year successful. I have been goal setting for the past 12 months to achieve the results I have so far. I want to encourage them to do the same, I have timetables and planning sheets and I tick the boxes as I complete each task.

The hospital called. Evil twin is being cauterized next week. I am growing an evil twin out of the side of my face and I am having him cauterized and half a face lift in the process and was awaiting a date to joke with my handsome surgical team in the chilly pre-op. My evil twin decided recently it wanted to grow big and bigger so we have sped up the date and I will be post op next Friday 7th. After recovery I will have all my glamour photos taken on the left side of my face where I will have a beautiful new jawline to show off and a smooth baby soft cheek with a wicked pirate scar to be proud of. Since the last two surgeries had some glitches I am hoping third time the charm and it is all smooth sailing. They should be used to me by now but I am facing the prospect with a modicum of trepidation.

I just 'Rick Rowled' the daughter. What a brilliant belly laugh. Told her there was something I urgently needed her to hear on my computer and she ran up the hall without listening ahead. Air punch! Gotcha!

more flowers for 52 week challenge. This is week five and it is 'flower' as a theme. I was playing with pastels, chalk pastel rather than oil. The pastel pencils make my teeth ache with their scratchiness but the pastel stubs are lovely and smooth to put on the paper.