Monday, 27 January 2014

public holiday


I went to bed early, well before 11pm and I meditated for a while then fell asleep. I woke at 12ish from an odd dream involving driving up rock strewn mountain tracks in a sedan and negotiating the potholes and boulders which then morphed into patterns and swirls like a magnificent mandala. I fell asleep again and woke at 2 with the ides for two stories swirling through my brain but by the time I wrote the first one I had lost the other into the miasma that is the storage of my brain. I needed a glass of water to rehydrate my mouth and ventolin and nasal spray and finally I got out of bed made myself a vanilla tea, a bowl of porridge and had a chat with number two about his game plans. I went back to bed at four after turning off the alarms for the 6am start. i woke again just after 9am.

I love my brain. I love the stories that gloop and gurgle deep in my storage dimensions and then gurgle back to the top and demand to be written.

I have a few alternate story tellings from old fables and fairy tales. So many stories - so slow a typist. Matters not, I will put several thousand words on the page each day and they will manifest.

Okay I need to go to the supermarket for salad fixings. Here is a picture for the day. I like this one a lot - the seed of potential.

okay so now it is 11.15. I went for a late walk on the breakwater because the temperature is high and will be hotter tomorrow. A busy day ahead tomorrow. We put up a shade sail over the living room window and moved all the pot plants around the side of the house in the hope that some will survive. I will put up two more shades tomorrow after sundown and also find a way to siphon the tank water. (the tank has no tap)
My legs are aching. Might have something to do with three hours of cycling yesterday. So all good things.