Saturday, 11 January 2014

Model Railways

The last couple of January's around about my birthday day, I have assisted Helen O in catering for the Model Railway exhibitors here in Warrnambool. They come for a weekend and set up their displays and hundreds of people come to admire the handiwork and hours of dedication to the passion of these exhibitors. I went a few times to the exhibition in Stawell and in both places found the tiny worlds fascinating. I like watching upgrades to Minatur Wunderland and I would love to go visit this exhibition one day. So this year I decided I could not stand around making salad rolls so I made soup and potato salad. I might pop down there tomorrow for a look at the exhibits. What is that fascination we have with such tiny effigies of real life.

images borrowed and do not belong to me. I will replace them when I take my own tomorrow.

12/01/14 my images

Today has been quite cool after yesterday's 30+ degrees and I noticed a large number of sunburns as I wandered through the shopping mall. We never learn. I am only super careful these days as I wait for my third surgery in less than twelve months, to remove skin cancers. I wasn't the type of teenager to go out and sunbathe but I was badly burnt on a number of occasions, out swimming, not renewing sunscreen and the lack of hat and long sleeves all damaged my skin long ago and now I am paying for it. I had a basal cell on my nose which would not stop bleeding and melanoma on my back and both were removed in February and April 2013. Now a squamous cell on my cheek has become larger and harder and painful and is coming off in the next week or so. Thank fully young parents are ensuring their toddlers and little ones have hats and SPF tops and sunscreen and all the other factors to protect their skin but there is not enough happening to encourage teenagers to slip slop slap. Maybe if popular celebrities made hats a trend item that would help.
go watch the Sid seagull video, its a catchy little, irritating tune and might help stick it in your memory.

I am day five into my Spanish lessons and have managed to make five million mistakes with the gender/number specific articles. argh and I keep forgetting the 'll' has a kind of 'y' sound to it. Early days early days. I have also regained three notes on the clarinet and fewer squeaks so maybe the neighbours ears won't bleed for too long. So have I written much then? I have created a few more story ideas and have some research. One idea has already been turned into a book and I am going to read it to see if my idea on the same subject is the same. Time to go do things writerly other than blogging. Tootles. Oh it is the last day before my life changes forever... 12 x 12 ReviMO and Picture book dummy all start after today. :)