Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Wondering Wednesday

almost the end of the day. calls from schools, calls to schools, stupid stupid assumptions and math. That is the sum of today. I started learning how to draw water droplets but have none ready to share. I will work on more tomorrow. I wrote some more short pieces of fiction for the 38 week challenge on FB. Took dear darling to the doctor and big little son had to finalise some assessment pieces. I did sweep the floors which was wonderful because it has been quite some time since last I was able to do that. I need to go check the GROG blog and a few others and then off to bed before pumpkin hour.

I partially attended two webinars today. How did I sign up for two at the same time? Tyranny of time zones and miscalculation that is how.
I am a bit behind on my VIBC so I had best get cracking after the variety of morning commitments.

I shall be back tomorrow with much more news.