Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Flat week Wednesday

I have not ...start that retrospect I have done several things this week. I wrote an opening for a new novel, I won midweek blues buster, I sent a query to an editor, I threw out lots of things and gave away even more and I managed to see a couple of movies. I think my problem is that I have not done any art and that is causing me some consternation. Well I have done some preliminary sketches but not a whole piece of art so I will go do that. My chapterbook is slightly on hold. I wrote out answers to an  interview and emailed it and I attended a seminar online so not really such a light weight week as I tell myself. I also did domestic duty.

The seminar was about making videos for promotion and run by the lovely Katie Davis of who has her own youtube channel and teaches people to make videos. Video Idiot Boot Camp is what she runs and she seems to do a dandy job of helping people gain the best out of their videos. I will be making book trailers in the not too distant future so it would be a good skill to add to my kit.

So what else have I done this week of significance? Had visitors, ate good food with people when I went visiting, organised appointments, supervised assessment tasks, did some exercise and oh lots of teensy weensy things that build up into a whole week but I feel like I haven't done enough. I did write another flash fiction yesterday for week 52 mid week blues buster. There are a couple of competitions coming up and a launch part and of course a chapter book to write. Not to mention art. Time to go do art I think.  watch this space for uploads.  

I'll just put this up to brag for another few minutes. :) Okay art art art here I come.