Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Tuesday 4th March

I was supposed to do a lot of things today. One of which was to upload a post about 'my writing process' but that has been delayed a day or two until I can get some information I need. So instead today I am uploading cherry blossoms. Week 9 Tree. water colour and pastel.

Tania McCartney who runs the 52 week challenge has invited the whole challenge cohort to vie for the opportunity to illustrate her next book. There is a brief, two sentences possibly from the upcoming work which she has asked participants to illustrate. Today I have been working on concept drawings for how I would illustrate those sentences. It has been a lot of fun. I also went to Tania's website to look at her own art and the art she favors from the 52 week challenge. If for no other reason than the challenge of creating to a brief, I am joining in.

I have also written the opening pages of my chapter book and I quite like where it is going. I have read a number of pages on how to write chapter books. There is so much valuable information it is sometimes difficult to stop reading and actually write. The guest bloggers on the chapter book challenge page are a fount of knowledge and experience on which to draw.

The kid lit community is so generous with their knowledge and time, it makes participating a joy.

I uploaded a new 250 word on 12 x 12 and have had one comment back. This one is my Babycino story. It is a cute concept but I have along way to go to polish it up.