Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sunday all day

What a day. I wrote. Lots. I wrote the third of four short stories under 3000 words. Today's tally is 2897. The first one was the shortest of the three so far. This is for an up and coming anthology(collection of stories on a theme- lot's of people ask) and the theme is The World of Fey (seelie and unseelie- look it up) and it will be broken up into four seasons. So not tropical with wet season and dry season and not Australia with seven seasons even if we don't acknowledge them.
I have written for winter, spring, summer and have good plans for autumn.(aka Fall for those of you in northern US)

Almost 9000 words in three days and am I excited by that? Yes of course I am. :) <--- grinning see.

I ate lettuce today, had a shower and listened to the rain thundering down and wrote. That's all I did today.

Yesterday I sent art to a magazine and wrote a story and did lots of other things involving driving and parenting and today I made my tea in a pot and had my proper tea cup. Bliss.

I started my VIBC(video idiot boot camp) on Friday and yesterday I did some research and wrote out a script of sorts for my first ever welcome video clip but I did nothing on that today.

Today a great many people protested about our prime minister and the unconscionable decision he and his government are making. huge crowds in the city and smaller crowds all over the country and the arrogant bastard said the only rally he knew of was a st Patrick's day march. Can't even get his dates right. I missed the rally but there were plenty of good people there. Our elected officials are trying to erode our rights and freedoms and making laws that diminish our ability to protest. Seems a bit of a backward step to me and I worry that the sitting parliament might have delusions of dictatorship. okay stepping down off my political soap box and off to write some more, no I best move my legs and wriggle my numb bits.

dinner time