Sunday, 23 March 2014

sleepy Sunday

Today has been a quiet day. A dressing gown don't do much and sit around day.
I did some of that. Had a visitor for lunch, checked in on offspring, did some sketches, read a bit, drew a bit, took the washing off the line before it rained.

I put a couple of drawings on the 52 week challenge for week 12 NUMBERS

sublime to the ridiculous but there is a place for both. I am also trying out a bit of manga style art again to see how to do the shapes and shading. I quite like this one in pencil. I am hoping to get some copic ink pens in the not too distant future to try my hand at those.
I am still a bit timid about being bold with colour so I will have to work on that too.  Okay I need to answer the telephone and do some fairy magic.