Thursday, 6 March 2014

what day is it again?

Thursday, Thor's Day, a day in which things happened. I cooked myself a good breakfast today with all good intentions of beginning a new healthier eating regime and blew it by mid afternoon. Typical.
I wrote a new story today. 515 words and it is about how a child feels who struggles with reading. Having worked with many people, from very young to quite a way past mid life crisis, to assist them to read or learn to read or improve their reading skills, I have heard quite a few stories of how not being able to read affects them so it all went into a story. However this meant I did not increase the word count on my chapter book.

On the 52 week challenge I uploaded a number of pieces of art for Darling Daughter so she could catch up and participate in the challenge. I think she was surprised and pleased and I encouraged her to do more. I might be a bit biased but I think she has a fine hand and a good eye.

 Week 1 Egg. Graphite
 Kid   Pencil
 Selfie. Pencil
Flower  Coloured pencil
 week Machine(Sword) Grey and coloured pencil
 week ten is Pattern Coloured pen
 Pattern with pen(black)
We collaborated on this one. Pattern.  Pen and intense ink pencils

My art is thus...
Inspired by my favourite studio Ghibli movie characters. It is a pattern of forest spirits, totoros, dust sprites(dust bunnies/soot sprites), Kiki's hair ribbon, Mae's shoes, Kiki's broom, the Baron's hat and cane, Totoro's leaf and bag, an Ohm, Calcifer, the amulet from Laputa, Gigi, the prince, Baba Yaga's baby, the fly and  the cat bus. I love the Ghibli movies and recommend them to everyone with a child and an inner child. They are so rich and beautiful and the world has more magic because of Mr Hayao Miyazaki  and his film making, story telling genius and the exquisite art of his studio.
I bought myself new pencils today. They smelled so yummy. I also paid membership to another children's writing community.

and I wrote a flash fiction for the mid week blues buster. It is called Dark Silence and can be read at