Monday, 24 March 2014

Magnificent Monday

OOOOOOO I won another mid week blues buster. :)

Judge Miranda Kate had some hard choices to make, but, as she’s never one to shrink from a challenge she got the job done.
Here are her decisions.
First place – and overall Winner – Cecilia @cc_lark This tale encapsulated all elements of both the song and the theme for me and the feel of the Irish and what it is like to be out drinking with them. The opening line was perfect with “He was an ugly little bastard but who looked at his face once he opened his mouth” summing up the lead singer exactly. And the essence of the Irish was conveyed in one line for me: “When they sing it is like a doorway into the world of Fey.” I could picture it all, the dancing and the seduction. Really enjoyable read. 

You can read all the terrific stories here :

So how exciting is that. Thank you Miranda Kate for your fabulous comments.

Onwards and upwards. I have been playing with some art. Two big heavy boxes of art books arrived at my house today and I was careful not to drool on them but they have inspired me to try different things with my art. Some brilliant artists to measure up to and I am going to have fun trying.
Here are some preliminary playing around pieces.

Another rendition of my giraffe this time using pencils
a baby with fluffy hair who I was using as a basis for a character in a fairy tale
 This little guy is a piskie or sprite. a forest dwelling imp. Manga style, Pencils only.
This is a tree. I was playing with reds and oranges and quite like the effect. I still need to be bolder in the shadows and lights.

So I need to go write some things before bed or I will lose the ideas.