Sunday, 30 March 2014

strictly Sunday

Today the weather stayed mild and the sky grey. The wind was just a puff and the ground dry. I finished my last story for the World of Fey anthology and sent it off and I had an email from an online ezine AntipodeanSF accepting my story. Then I participated in a rhyming competitive conversation in the Rhyming Picture book fb group which is linked to the Rhyming Picture Book challenge which started on the 30th and will run right through April. I won a prize which was delightful but even more delightful was participating in an hour long rhyming conversation.

I relaxed today for the most part, occasionally doing a bit of study or cruising through the various groups to which I belong in my upward climb to the heights of my new career. I did enjoy some of the comments about my art in the 52 week challenge and my story in the 38 week flash fiction group. I participated in mid week blues busters again last week and I thoroughly enjoy writing to a piece of music as a prompt. I find it fascinating seeing the similarities in the stories as if the music speaks directly to a collective unconsciousness and draws similarities into our writings.

I had a look at the opening page for a new blog about a group of local students and their chaperones heading off to Turkey for ANZAC day.  I am going to follow along. What an awesome experience for these young people to be involved in. They will prove fabulous ambassadors for our little town and for the country I am sure.

I have two more stories to complete before April 1st so tomorrow will be quite hectic for my typing skills.