Saturday, 22 March 2014

Goldilocks and The Jolly Homonym

Susanna Hill's March Madness Writing Contest 2014

One of Susanna's fabulous contests. Write a children's story, in poetry or prosemaximum 400 words, that is a fractured fairy tale

 Goldilocks and The Jolly Homonym  by Cecilia Clark

Goldilocks we know its true
You steal from bears
You aren’t allowed to steal you know you might just go to jail.
You might be there for years and years
Goldilocks turned pale.
It is not right for you to take  porridge from a baby
You will write one hundred times I’m sorry
She said maybe
See here Miss Goldilocks you write a letter now
you’ll pay a hefty fine as well
A sum of money for the bears To buy more food and fix their chairs
She gave a mocking bow.
Goldilocks was sullen and whined a little wail
The police man took her by the hand to tour her through the jail.
You need to see he said aloud the bars in jail are steel
From iron strong enough to bear  one very naughty girl
Alright, okay,  I hear you, she flicked her fine gold hair
I’ll write the stupid letter and say sorry to the bear.
I’ll pay the dough just so you know I mean it and its true
 I’ll not go in the forest near bear or doe or hare
I’ll stay away forever from that forest dwelling lair

Goldilocks changed her ways or so it seemed to be
She dyed her hair, dark not fair, and headed out to sea
Intent on wicked piracy She thought she had a flair
She stole a ship from a one hand man and really didn’t care
As a thief on land or sea she set herself to fail
She couldn’t steal hot porridge and she couldn’t sail
She died quite young and penniless swallowed by a whale.