Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Tuesday 11th March 2014

I won I won I won I won

In the mid week blues busters flash fiction....
and I was so excited by it. You can go read my mini fiction and see my name mentioned    right there at that place.

Coming up next week is the launch of the latest anthology containing one of my stories.
On the 20th of March (21st here in oz) there will be an online launch party for

Stories about Goddesses. I am looking forward to this one coming out.

Now my chapter book has gone astray and I figure I need some help with chapter books so I saw this

The Chapter Book Alchemist (a magical interactive e-Course) runs from March 31st through May 4th
with 5 super generous weeks of interactive
and empowering instruction.
ending this Saturday MARCH 15th


 Hillary Homzie, Mira Reisberg and Mandy Yates

and a competition 


I think I would like to be part of this. :) 

My chapter book for the  Chapter Book Challenge has not moved much in the first week. I have my main characters and the challenges and some writing on paper but it has not progressed far. Instead I sent a query to an agent after carefully constructing a pitch and synopsis and mini biography of my writing credits. I also did more on building my critique group connections, signed up for some online seminars and generally built some infrastructure. I need to go read the chapter book blog and get back on track  and visit the group on FB

I have been AFK for two days, especially from my blog. I took a break and filled my time with culling and decluttering. There are boxes and boxes of craft goods sitting at my front door awaiting collection and several boxes of kitchen items to be taken elsewhere and I am still not seeing a dint in the amount of things I have and no longer use. I feel it is important to clear space for my new life and career.

I uploaded my WTD #20 scean stealer after technical difficulties

and researched a health issue with some positive and helpful outcomes.

No art for three days and I am going stir crazy so art for the rest of the evening.