Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Wednesday the 5th March

Yes it is Wednesday the fifth of march. Week ten of the 52 week challenge which means one fifth of the year has elapsed already already.
This week's theme is Patterns.

Patterns are everywhere and the selection up already this week are delightful. Go take a look on facebook and discover some marvelous art.

Tania McCartney opened an offer to the participants to compete for the position of illustrator for her next book. I spent all day composing and painting my own response to the brief. I did several versions with differing colour combinations and uploaded the ones I am happiest with. I based my pieces on the age group Tania was aiming at (3-5) and her preference for paler colours and modern clean simple lines. She wanted pictures that would evoke an emotional response from the reader and I feel confident I have met all these elements. However as a discussion over the previous few days has shown, art is of course subjective. Very subjective and there is no guarantee that anyone will like the other than myself.

Here they are.

 This was a second attempt using intense ink colours on canvas. It has some gel pen.
 This was an earlier version, which although I like both the intense in and the water colour I feel the water colour best meets Tania's ideal. I added the text to it after cropping the original. It is water colour on paper with gel pen lining.
 This was  the ink version of the sad face.

This one was the earlier water colour on paper which I added the text to after cropping.

I have not had a chance to write any of my chapter book today so I had best go do that now.