Saturday, 30 November 2013

Final day on all those November challenges

I managed 32 ideas in PiBoIdMo and some of those are multiple ideas for a series on a theme.

and I managed more than 30 sketches which I have displayed gallery style all over my own bedroom walls. I am going to continue my daily sketching simply as a meditation each day. I feel so calm and content when I sketch.

my 50/30 challenge is only 5000 words from crossing the finish line and I have been very pleased with the way the story has developed. I love the characters and i have made my beta readers laugh and cry so I think I am on the right track

and my Nano tally skidded across the finish line last night for the original novel and the two combined novels have taken me to 95000 words. I will be over the 100000 this evening and I feel incredibly satisfied with myself and the novels. The hard work of tidying and rearranging is yet to come and finding where to send the manuscripts is a job for another day but today I am simply going to finish the last 5000 to stand on the podium of my own challenge win. I have learned so many things from this month and my learning curve will continue as I launch my way into my new career.