Monday, 11 November 2013

The eleventh day of November. Remberance day. 11/11/13 Happy Birthday Dade

Ideas taking flight....Mech Fairy. Today's PiBoIdMo Id(idea) is about Bees. A worrisome problem when there are none or not enough and I thought of my non fruiting pumpkins but I will come back and finish that idea once I do a taxi run with the offspring.
Well what a fantastic day it has been. I had a big talk with my youngest offspring about burning the dinner, I went to an exercise class and then out for lunch, I washed dishes(the ones too big for the dishwasher), cleaned the sinks, sorted Christmas trees, dropped the girl at work and picked her up, sorted food in the refrigerator and wrote four and a half thousand words while interacting with other writers and then read my words to an appreciative audience. Wow is all I can say Wow and to top it all off the kids took out the rubbish bins.