Friday, 8 November 2013

Day 8 NanoWrimo piBoIdMo SkadaMo and Movember plus the other things in life

Today's SkaDaMo bought to you by a pencil and fine liner and some muscle manipulation on white sketch paper via the marvelous invention of the phone camera and drop in a box which is kind of like jack-in-a-box only different and the wonderful concept of the interwebs as my boys call it. A lovely garlanded bandstand with two enthusiastic young dancers twirling around to some delicious tune which may or may nor become their own special music if things don't turn into sparkling blood sucking fur balled dramatics afterwards. Oh that's right all relationships go through those phases.

Now for my PiBoIdMo idea. It is a title "You don't like Vegemite?" and it is an explorations of what it means to be Australian. I like the flow of a good metered story and I have been thinking about what is it that makes us Australian? In an online chat we were discussing Australian things and I was attempting to convince the others that drop bears are real and that the government spends a huge amount of money bribing wikipedia and other online dictionaries to say they are fictitious so that tourists will not be too terrified to come here. Then we talked about how vegemite isn't owned by anyone Australian anymore because a large american corporation bought it out years ago. I have heard people exclaim 'you don't eat vegemite?' when they discover fellow Aussies don't eat it and then other stories of how traveling Aussies attempted to torture people overseas by not showing them how to eat it in a manner that might be palatable. I do know of one or two people who actually can and will eat it by the spoonful and I think I can hear their arteries hardening as their liver implodes. I love Vegemite. there is nothing I like more on very fresh bread than butter and vegemite. Not margarine. Thinly spread it gives a delicious savoury tang to my fresh bread snack. Alas I must fore go my fresh bread and vegemite for healthier practices of kale and spinach (hi ho says Anthony ro...oops wrong tune...that would be gamin and spinach). So I will keep thinking on being Aussie and exploring this picture book idea.