Sunday, 3 November 2013

Day Three Slept in but the plan holds me up

I woke up and turned off the 6am alarm and went back to snooze. I simply didn't feel like getting up. Eventually my plumbing demanded I get out of bed so I wandered down to the kitchen and flicked on the kettle, drank two glasses of water and acquiesced to my internal demands. Dragged out the sketchbook before breakfast and pondered today's outpourings of the graphite and came up with two sketches.

and then I made unstabilised porridge and a cup of tea and here I am blogging and it is only just after ten AND I have my pibidmo idea rattling around in my early morning brain.
Thinking back on a previous musing about the updated politically correct blanched and sterilised version of little black sambo I was thinking there were a couple of my own childhood favourites which I would love to modernise. The originals had an element that was timeless however those elements were wrapped in a padding of other things that made them very dated. I like the idea of dragging some of them into the 21st century. Okay I have three and a half thousand words to write today so I shall come back and blog last thing this evening. tootles