Sunday, 10 November 2013

day 10 one third of the way to marvellous endings and new horizons

With all the decorations in the stores, but thankfully not the piped carols yet, I thought I would get in a little Australian Christmas tree and do my piboidmo idea at the same time. I was thinking of the celebration of Christmas here in Australia and I have seen a few books around, some comic ones of Santa in shorts and sunglasses and a few of people having summer clothes on but I am yet to see an enduring story, something catchy. I don't know that my idea is any more catchy than any of the others but I want to explore in pictures what Christmas is like for Aussie kids. One of the highlights is the decorated house tours after dark during December and lots of beach time, evergreen trees with lots of tinsel and summer berry puddings. The European traditional food is there in abundance but more and more people are opting for hot weather food and developing our own traditions. It is certainly a time for busy families to get together and renew relationships and that is certainly universal amongst followers of the mid December traditions(don't get me started on that) and stars. One of the best things about summer are the stars.