Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Paper and Ink

This is my 'teddies at the races' original pencil sketch scanned on 'documents-colour-300dpi'

This is the same picture but scanned 'documents-black and white- 300dpi'

and this is a print copy of the teddies from the original drawing but I have touched it up with an o.6 medium fine liner. The background is almost non existent in this one.

The things I am learning this year are astounding. How to put widgets in my blog, how to scan, how to upload and crop and do all sorts of digital things to my images, I am even learning about paper quality and that not all whites are white. None of this is new of course but even when I studied as soon as the course was over, if I wasn't using the knowledge it slipped from my conscious awareness. Now I am back in the swing and upgrading my artistic toolbox by learning about digital art. I am a long way from competent but I am sure I will achieve a good grasp of the rudimentary skills. So now I know why some pictures have scanned as grey and some clear, I know why someone said "Your ink needs work" and how I need my fine liners to highlight the pencil work so they can come out on the blog or other online sites and look clear and bright.

So Many ideas for piboidmo. I am going to continue this morning routine when November is over. I like thinking up ideas and doing sketches each day. It is good for my inner innards.

Now on to some sprinting.