Monday, 25 November 2013

Dr Who Doctor Who 50th anniversary

Tonight I watched the 50th Anniversary special of Dr Who. Thankyou Toby Whithouse.
The appearance of Tom Baker had me sobbing for an hour. I have to stop typing to blow my nose and cry some more. Dr Who was the most influential thing of my childhood and now in this decade of my life has been brilliant. The new writers have taken something so fundamental to the shaping of who I am and treated it with respect and dignity and lots of fun. The new string of actors have brought The Doctor to my children in a manner I eminently approve of. Giving Sarah Jane her own show, having the Brigadier's daughter follow in his footsteps and the hundred million little details that make the whole thing continued magic. Thank you each and every one of the producers, directors, writers (especially the writers), actors and all the cast and crew.