Friday, 15 November 2013

Birthday Parties

My daughter loved her birthday parties. No sooner was one over than she was planning the next and I am sure she has some big plans up her sleeves for the next few. My job is to make them happen in a memorable way with food and decorations and invitations and of course entertainment. Parents all over the world do this, some in big ways some in small ways but all of them celebrating the significance of their child in their life. Parties are a logistical nightmare. When my daughter and her friends reached their late single digits and had just slipped into doubles (10 and 11) I decided that the girls and a smattering of boys could do the party themselves. Under careful supervision, instead of party games, the children made the party food. The cake, the icing, the jelly, the sausage rolls and fairy floss(cotton candy/cotton floss) and even the cordial. They cutup fruit and made sandwiches and were allowed to use the knives and blender and the oven. Aprons were found to cover party clothes and hair tied back and one or two chef's hats were dusted off from my former career and oh what a lot of fun they had. They had to clean up too and that became a party game just as much as nay other. There was nary a crumb to be seen at the end of the party and the children went home with the spoils they had made themselves.The children are now teenagers and they still talk about the cooking parties. They are all mad keen TV chef fans and so my PiBoIdMo is about cooking for kids as is today's hasty sketch for SkaDaMo in fine liner.