Thursday, 7 November 2013

7 Seven Sept hachi seiben seventh

today is the seventh day of PiBoIdMo, SkaDaMo, NaNoWriMo, RWA sister challenge and a whole lot of other Mo's including Movember
I will go check out the movember website and support the boys...Mo's are so 70s. so no mo go ro ho vo so do no as the Judoon would say and November is probably their favourite month on Earth with all those o's

So the story idea for today is about standing up to bullies. I have a bully incident in my novel and the reason for standing up to them is quite complex for my character but that is not where I am going with a picture book idea. I was talking with a lovely young woman who I used to babysit when she was young and now that she is all grown up with kids of her own, she informed me she tells stories to her children that I told her way back when. She tells me I took and old favourite tale and turned it around and she told me some of the details of a particular gem. I don't remember it clearly because I have told stories to hundreds of kids over my lifetime, maybe even thousands and I have had feedback that many of those children remember the stories I tell them. That is the most magical feedback of all. Now if I can capture that essence in any story I tell in text I will be onto a gift greater than any wrapped in gold leaf. Turning the tail on the bully - my title - and the twist in this tale, who exactly is the bully?