Thursday, 21 November 2013

Later the same day...

Today as I watched young people making giant scones and murdering dough and then cleaning up after themselves and while I waited for a lass to make me a hot chocolate I decided I should draw something and one girl said "hey draw a lizard" so I did, not realising she had her inspirations from a poster of a lizard made entirely from legumes. I like that legume lizard but mine is a line lizard.

Later in the day while listening to young people bemoan their fate, in having to be stuck in 'skewl', I came up with a picture book idea for grown ups. It is a bit sarcastic and tongue in cheek irony. 'I don't wanna go to skewl' plays on that joke where the mother is trying desperately to get her son out of bed and tells him he must go and he responds with 'but everybody hates me, the kids hate me, the teachers hate me, even the cleaner hates me. Give me one good reason why I should go to school?" and his mother replies "You are the principal!". On the world scale our kids have an incredibly easy school life and the boundaries which they cannot cross have almost disappeared. The children who don't wish to learn simply don't, to they frustration of classroom teachers and the chagrin of those students who do wish to learn and have their learning constantly interrupted. We have no class rankings except in year 12 and minimal challenge or incentive for our students to do any more than the absolute minimum required to warm a seat for thirteen years. It amazes me how Australians are able to hold their own or lead the feild in so many things around the world with the lax schooling we all ooze through. So I am thinking of a picture book to encapsulate SKEWL as I have experienced it, as a child, as a parent, as a homeschooling parent and as an employee. Should be fun. I have also reached the 30k mark on both novels. Only 40k to go to the finish line on November the thirtieth.