Friday, 29 November 2013

the twenty-ninth day

Today is the twenty-ninth day of a few thirty day challenges, NanoWriMo in which I still need to have 14000 words by close of business tomorrow, PiBoIdMo and I have one more idea to come up with, SkaDaMo which is my early morning sanity meditation and one day of sketching to go and RWA which is aligned with NaNo. It has been an enormous challenge to reach this point and after breakfast, which sits beside me here, I will launch into a 7,000 word spree today. My bed is made, my teeth are brushed, the car is at the mechanics for whatever it is that is being fixed and I am ready. Anyone who foolishly approached my door in the next 48 hours had best be wearing cast iron armor. Wish me luck, cheer me to the finish line and pick me up off the floor at the end. :) 100k here I come.

wow what a month.
ideas and words pouring out of my fingertips like smarties from an open bag

904022 words at the end of the day.