Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Tuesday all the way...19th day of all those 'mo's

So today had a lot of bugs in it which brings me to my picture book idea for today. I want to explore the life of a particular insect which I quite love and which is part of my childhood. I think this elusive bug needs a bit more publicity and I would like children to know about it. I like insects and don't like using pesticides. I remember a story from my childhood about farmers complaining about birds which ate a bit of fruit and so they killed them or netted off their crops to stop the birds and then the insects came in droves and ruined the crops so the farmers poisoned the insects and so on and so forth until the whole cycle was destroyed. It had a strong impact on me. I want to write a story about the beauty of insects rather than a doom and gloom one. I think kids would be just as likely to be environmentally responsible because they love ad want to protect a thing. I am thinking about the nutritional value of locusts and the bad publicity they have had for far too long. I think locusts are natures way of providing food after a long spell of harsh weather but typical of humans we destroy what nature provides rather than embrace it.

Now on to my nanowrimo and rwa words which need to move on up.