Wednesday, 6 November 2013

What if

That is a good question to start a daily muse about various potential picture book topics. What if... the world if full of wonder if we take the time to experience it. I am writing a novel in which the main character is experiencing her first overseas trip, her first time through customs and security, her first time in a duty free shop, her first time in a foreign country and I am trying to capture that childlike wonder in a young woman in her late teens. I have spoken to a number of people recalling their first trip and the excitement for them, the nervousness at all the new things they had to know and do and the worry they would become blase about it all. We push the grow up and do it agenda so soon in children's lives always asking 'what do you want to be when...' and forget that the wonder comes from being in the here and now and experiencing. What if we stopped asking kids about the future and asked 'what are you being right now?'